2018 Artist of the Year
Artist: Appleminte

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/appleminte

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/applemiinte/

RedBubble Shop: http://rdbl.co/2zpuP8H


Hello, my name is Appleminte! I am a girl who loves to draw and create YouTube videos in her free time. I started posting my artwork online back when I was in High School on my old DeviantART account, and have since moved over to Instagram and YouTube. I love to give tips on how to draw and share what I have learned about art with others. Although I currently have a regular job, one day my dream is to be able to create videos and content for a living!


I mainly tend to use markers when I color, however recently I have also been getting into using other mediums like watercolor.

Fun fact: One of my biggest weaknesses is art supplies...if I see something colorful I just have to have it!


It puts a smile on my face to read the comments and messages I receive from people who love what I do or have been able to learn something from me. Every day motivates me to keep on drawing and working toward my goal of becoming a full-time artist!


To see more of my artwork and YouTube videos, please check out the links provided above! Thank you. :) <3

November 2017
 Eliamaria M. Crawford

Website: studios.eliainabox.com

Twitter: twitter.com/ELIAinaBOX

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Elia-in-a-Box-Comics/138254079546652

Youtube: youtube.com/user/EliaINAbox

Instagram: instagram.com/eliainabox


Eliamaria M. Crawford is a Dallas, Texas-based illustrator known for her stick-figured, dry-humored comics. She started drawing little comics centered around life’s thoughts and happenings in high school and eventually evolved to doing cool projects from custom wedding graphics, to convention poster art, and even contributing comics to many zines and projects. Elia also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos centered around her art life, time-lapse drawings, and vlogs from an artist-alley perspective at conventions.


In the summer of 2016, she got her first book published, “Humans Really Irritate Me,” which is an anthology featuring all the comics she illustrated centered around UTA-famed professor Dr. Allan Saxe. With many more ideas and stories in her mind, she’s always working on the next art project!

October 2017
 Karen Mooney

Hi everyone!  My name is Karen Mooney.  I am a Glass and Mixed Media Artist. I have been interested in art my whole life. As I was raising my three boys I always had an art project going on the side. I went to school at the age of 45 to study Glass and Studio Art. I am so in love with color and I was drawn to the sparkly beauty I found in glass jewelry. Learning the arts of cold, warm and hot glass kept me fascinated for a long time. However, I have always been most intrigued by the craftier sorts of art. Finding Creative Arts has been a Godsend for me.

Right now I'm really into working with markers, colored pencils and watercolor pencils and my most recent find Gelli Printing. With the supplies I have received from Creative Arts I have really been inspired. I love the fact that I can try out new products without having to buy huge kits. Plus I am, of course, addicted to all art supplies!  I not only love creating, I find it necessary for my survival. If I could live in the meditative and spiritual feelings I receive while creating artwork life would be perfect!

Over the years I have worked in so many different mediums from woodwork to encaustics to metal, textiles, acrylics and beyond. I have a very "quirky" style that seems to fit well with the drawings I've been doing lately.  I do like to add embellishments as well.  I have some pictures of my work on my Facebook page in photos, and can always be  contacted through my email. When doing work for other people I like to personalize things as much as possible. It just works better for me that way.   I can be contacted at moonbeads1216@gmail.com or by my Facebook page under the name karen mooney.

September 2017
 Kira Collins




My name is Kira and I'm a digital/traditional artist whom was
inspired from Western Cartoons and Japanese anime!
(Steven Universe, Gravity Falls & Studio Ghibli to name a few)


The past year, I've began to be drawn to the Galaxy and Space
and have found myself incorporating more sky-themes within
my work lately. I love how there's such a wide variety of merged
colours in the two! It's so much fun to be able to paint traditional
or digitally and blend different blues, purples, pinks e.t.c
to replicate a galaxy.


I enjoy working with watercolours and nicker paints for my traditional work as I find
painting very therapeutic - I also make speedpaints/process videos over on my
channel every now and then.


I'm soon to start studying 3D Games Art in London and I'm very excited to begin my journey!

August 2017


I am a 24 year old student who is working on her Bachelor’s in Art Education and, most recently, a degree in Graphic Design for mainly illustration. West Virginia has been the only sane home I’ve enjoyed staying in as I enjoy serene environments with lots of cute animals. I find lots of inspiration in fashion magazines, music, and from everyday people that I’ve met or will meet. My style has come from many places in many different areas and eras, from Naoko Takeuchi’s beautiful, airy illustrations to the masterpieces of ‘Rococo’ artists.  I’m also a writer working on many stories and comics, hopefully at least one of them will be finished.

My spare time is filled with nothing but artwork, Documentaries based on Astronomy, writing, cats, and plenty of romance novels. Commissions and certain prints are always available for sale if my style is something you are looking for, contact me directly!

July 2017
Artist: McCaela Gates

Social Media/links

Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/kaatydidart

Storenvy: www.kaatydid.storenvy.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kaatydiddoodles

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kaatydid_art

Why, hello there lovely Squidlings! I am McCaela, but you may
know me as Kaaty from the YouTube channel Kaatydid Art!
I am a 22 year old self-taught artist from Indiana!

Since I could hold a pencil, I've loved creating art.
But it wasn't until January of 2015, that I really started dedicating
all of my efforts into it. I started a YouTube channel to help keep
myself accountable, and to sort of track my progress through the years.
The more art I created, and videos I published, the more I fell head over heels in love with the process of making art.

For the most part, I draw girls. I also do various things, like reviewing art products, unboxing art boxes (like this one!), and the occasional tutorial. I'm also a sort of jack-of-all-trades. I use alcohol markers, watercolors, gouache, oils, acrylics, inks and more! I love being able to see what my style looks like in all of the different media.

As far as my art style goes, I guess you could call it anime inspired! I fell in love with the anime style, back when I was a child, and I suppose it never really left me. One of my biggest inspirations is the art of Persona! Any and all of my spare time is dedicated to my 4 fur children (2 cats, 2 dogs), my husband and my art! If you are interested in my art, I do have a shop, and I also take commissions. Be sure to contact me if you are interested! Someday, I hope to make this a full time career, and everyday I work to achieve just that!

June 2017
Artist: Jessica Sanders

Social Media/links

Website:  www.colormecreativeart.com/

Instagram:  Instagram.com/JessicaSandersArt

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/user/JoyfulNoise01

Email:  Jessica@colormecreativeart.com

Hello, my Creative Friends!  My name is Jessica Sanders of ColorMeCreativeArt. I am super happy to be here with you, and the amazing team at Creative Art Box.

I live in Houston, Texas with my wonderful husband and four awesome kids, who are growing up so fast!  I am a full time artist/maker, blogger, and YouTuber.

I have been making art my whole life.  It began with paint-by-numbers with my dad, craft and painting projects with my grandmother, and progressed to variations such as painting my walls with faux finishes, painting with my children, making maps using computer software, mosaics, and finally to painting on canvas and art journaling .  Now, my art is collected around the world, from the US to Australia to the UK.  It’s such a dream come true. J

My passion is exploring art, creativity, and art supplies!

I adore abstract art, and I think that comes through in my work. I also incorporate all kinds of media into my paintings and illustrations, including acrylics, inks, colored pencils, and watercolor. It makes me happy to explore, to find the answer to ‘what if’, and to share it with you.

Let’s go exploring!  Let’s do it for the sheer joy of creating!



May 2017
Artist: Darcie Denton

Blog: http://that0neartist.blogspot.com/?m=1

Instagram: instagram.com/_thatoneartist_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/that1artist

Etsy: etsy.com/shop/that1artist

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTbKykrnxSe1YAH5lawVx9w

Art has always been a part of me. I am currently 18 years old and on my way to college where I will major in Fine Art and Business. My ultimate dream is to make a living as an independent studio artist, which I truly believe is possible. I also want to use my artistic abilities for God and make an impact on the lives of others.

My biggest audience is on social media. Within three years I have gained a following of over 35,000 on Instagram, created a YouTube account that currently has over 8,000 subscribers, and established myself in various other places online. It has been exciting journey and is far from over.

As for style and medium, my favorite tools to use are colored pencils, markers, and

watercolor, though I enjoy experimenting with other media. My style is a bit all over the place, but I would much rather continue to try new things than be stuck with one, recognizable style. Besides art, I play volleyball, love to read, spend time with family and friends, and fill my life with music. 

Most art on my Instagram account is for sale in either print form or original. I also

take commissions. Shoot me an email if you are interested: thatoneartistd@yahoo.com

April 2017
Artist: Reda Karkaba

Email: reda.karkaba@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rkart.ca/

Website: http://www.rkart.ca/

My name is Reda Karkaba and I am a self-taught artist from Calgary, Alberta.  I began painting later in life, as my way of self-expression.  My inspiration comes from nature and my travels as well as from the works of impressionist masters, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.  I like to experiment with a variety of mediums and styles and you can find the full spectrum of my works on my Facebook page and my website listed above.  I hope you check it out!."

March 2017
Artist: Whitney Trovinger

Email: wbtcomissions@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smudgedfingers/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smudgedfingers/

From a child doodling on the walls, to an adult doodling on my college assignments, my age may have changed, but my passion for drawing has not. In fact, just the other day my professor stood behind me, leaned close, and whispered, “Drawing in class, huh?”

I am a 19 year-old artist based in Maryland. My journey started when I was young, my grubby little three-year-old hands scribbled on anything I could manage to make a mark with. However, I only recently started to focus on art.


My journey began in the summer of 2014, I was in my driving instruction class and was very bored. The movie “Maleficent” had just come out, and I saw fan art while scrolling through Instagram. I really loved the unique look of the character, so I drew her myself using only a pen and lined notebook paper. It wasn’t terrible. So, I decided to make an Instagram to keep me motivated to draw.


10,000 followers later, here I am. I have collaborated with big art companies such as Tombow, Winsor and Newton, and Canson. I am making more commission sales. I’m feeling more successful.


I’m slowly finding my own style. I prefer to work in marker, colored pencils, or watercolors. A majority of my work is semi-realistic. I would say my signature style is the way I outline my designs with black, but then elaborately shade and add detail, creating a piece that looks realistic, but still cartoony.


I am far from where I want to be, but every day I am closer and closer to my end goal. If I were to give any aspiring artist advice, as cliché as it is, I would say, “Just never give up and keep doodling.”

February 2017
Artist: Sophie Reitermann

Facebook: www.facebook.com/drawingforhope 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/drawingforhope 

Website: sophiereitermann.wixsite.com/artusa

Hi there! I'm a 20 years old artist based in Brazil! I'm actually a engineering student and art is my favorite hobby.

Nature was always there to inspire me and seeing more and more news about extinct species of animals, people buying "exotics" pets, illegal deforestation and even pets that are abandoned by their owners I thought "What can I do to make a change?" As I love art why not to try my best to sell them and with a portion of the earned I could donate and the other portion I could use to buy more materials to keep me going. Well, that was my solution!

I have already donated 100kg of food for a group of protection and adoption of cats and dogs found on the streets that is near my house. And now I have this pet portrait project that I started 2 months ago and luckily I can already do another donation for them! But hey, I don't want to stop there! I want to help animals more and more! They give me the inspiration for my art!

Do you want to know more about my art and my projects? Check my social media and website! Feel free to get in touch with me though them! ;)

January 2017
Artist: Melquea Smith

Website: http://prettykittycommissions.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrettyKittyCommissions/


Hi there! My name is Melquea Smith and I'm a twenty-two year old illustrator based in Central New York. My passions consist of animation, animals, video games, painting, and Japanese culture. I've had a knack for drawing since I was a youngin' which led my parents to feed my art obsession worse than feeding a gremlin after midnight. Late nights (for a five year old) consisted of computer paper scribbled on with crude Lion King-esque animals and monsters with broken crayons scattered across my bedroom floor. Man, what a sight for sore eyes! 

My subject matter mostly focuses on anthropomorphic animals in an array of colors, situations, and environments. From otter girls having tea parties with their giant dragon friend to a wolf enjoying her piping hot beverage on a frigid winter morning. My goal is to provide euphoria and a visual escape from reality with each piece I create.

If you'd ask me whether I was a digital or traditional artist, I'd happily call myself a tradigital hybrid going through a crisis. With my traditional work, my mediums of choice are watercolors, acrylic, and colored pencils. With my digital work, I don my trusty Monoprice tablet and Manga Studio. 

Speaking of digital work: I just released a free 18 page eBook out explaining my digital painting process, and with more interest, more eBooks and tutorials will be released. If you're interested in more of my work, It'll mean the world to me if you check it out!

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