Theme: Oils!

What's Inside??? - A $29.98 value!

12 Reeves Oil Paint Colors
Retail value: $0.75

7 Reeves Oil Pastels

Retail value: $10.50

2 Reeves Bristle Hair Brushes
Retail value: $7.32

1 Pallet Knife

Retail value: $8.58

1 6 Well Pallet

Retail value: $0.50

1 Floral Stamp

Retail value: $2.10

2 Canvas Papers 12 x 16

Retail value: $2.78

1 Walter Foster How-To Book

Retail value: $2.78

1 Carry Case (Awesome only)

Retail value: $2.78

1 Caran d'Ache 3H Drawing Pencil (Awesome only)

Retail value: $2.78

1 Awesome Sticker

Theme: Origami and Coloring!

What's Inside??? - A $32.53 value!

3 Yasitomo Color2 Coloring Origami Paper
Retail value: $0.75

5 Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Retail value: $10.50

2 Lyra Colorstripe Colored Pencils
Retail value: $7.32

1 Zig Kuretake Journal & Title Set

Retail value: $8.58

1 Chameleon Color Card

Retail value: $0.50

1 Prismacolor Colorless Blender Pencil

Retail value: $2.10

1 Zig Kuretake Colorless Blender Marker

Retail value: $2.78

1 Awesome Sticker

Theme: Mixed Media!

What's Inside??? - A $30.67 value!

1 Ken Oliver Color Burst Powder
Retail value: $5.83

1 Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Color Watercolor Palette

Retail value: $3.33

3 Caran D'Ache Watercolor Brush Markers
Retail value: $6.75

1 Sponge, 1 Mini-spray bottle

Retail value: $1.98

1 H20 Water Brush

Retail value: $2.99

2 Reusable Stencils

Retail value: $1.98

4 Strathmore 140lb Cold Press Paper

Retail value: $1,49

6 Flake Sheets

Retail value: $4.29

3 Stencil Gears, 1 Glue Stick, 1 Craft Brush

Retail value: $2.03

1 Awesome Sticker:
Live, Love, Art!

February's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Watercolor!

What's Inside??? - A $30.98 value!

1 Walter Foster How-To Use Color Book
Retail value: $8.95

1 Princeton Art Brush

Retail value: $1.50

3 Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils
Retail value: $8.55

` Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen

Retail value: $2.49

1 Marabu Graphix Aqua Pen

Retail value: $3.00

1 Strathmore 140lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Retail value: $0.49

1 Winsor & Newton Water Color Marker

Retail value: $6.00

1 Awesome Sticker:
Born to Sparkle!

January's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Manga!

What's Inside??? - A $30.06 value!

1 How-To Manga Guide Book
Retail value: $3.98

1 Mangaka Kuretake Pen in Gray

Retail value: $1.99

5 Kurecolor Fine & Brush Pens
Retail value: $17.25

3 Sketching Papers (4x9)

Retail value: $0.99

1 Kuretake Artist Sketching Pen in Sepia

Retail value: $1.70

1 Bimoji Fude Pen

Retail value: $4.17

1 Awesome Sticker:

December's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Alcohol INK!

What's Inside??? - A $32.04 value!

1 Mod Podge Glossy
Retail value: $3.69

1 Foam Brush

Retail value: $0.99

2 Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Sticker Sheets
Retail value: $1.98

2 Ceramic Tiles

Retail value: $2.68

2 Yupo Paper 144lbs

Retail value: $1.98

1 Alcohol Activity Pack

Retail value: $2.74

3 Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

Retail value: $11.99

1 Ranger Tim Holtz Metallic Alcohol Ink

Retail value: $5.99

1 Awesome Sticker:
Shine Bright!

November's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Chalk!

What's Inside??? - A $36.08 value!

3 Bold VersaChalk Wet Eraser Liquid Markers
Retail value: $3.99/each

2 Fine VersaChalk Wet Eraser Markers

Retail value: $2.84/each

1 Double Sided Painted Chalk Board

Retail value: $2.99

1 Recollections Pastel Vinyl Chalk Sticker

Retail value: $0.49

4 Strathmore Drawing Papers (80lb White, 135lb Black)

Retail value: $0.89

2 Versachalk Black Vinyl Adhesive Chalk Sheets

Retail value: $0.98

6 Sargent Art Drawing Chalks

Retail value: $2.49

1 Richenson Street Stix Pavement Pastel

Retail value: $4.95

1 Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Marker

Retail value: $3.49

3 Wonder Stixs

Retail value: $2.14

1 Awesome Sticker:
Love Yourself!

Theme: INK!

What's Inside??? - A $29.58 value!

1 Mini Ink Pad
Retail value: $1.99

1 Set of Alphabet Stamps

Retail value: $1.99

1 Sakura Souffle Neon Pen

Retail value: $2.50

1 Koh-I-Noor Trans-Mix Media Ink

Retail value: $6.05

1 Derwent Graphik H20 Brush

Retail value: $7.99

3 Scratch Boards

Retail value: $1.50

1 Metal Tip Scratch Pen

Retail value: $1.99

1 Winsor & Newton Water Color Postcard

Retail value: $0.57

1 Martha Stewart Fine-Tip Glue Pen

Retail value: $1.50

1 Martha Stewart Fine Glitter Tube

Retail value: $3.50

1 Awesome Sticker:
I Love INKtober!

September's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Sculpting

What's Inside??? - A $30.27 value!

1 Rub'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish
Retail value: $5.99

5 Sculpt-it Air Dry Clay

Retail value: $6.25

1 Water Based Metallic Paint Sharpie

Retail value: $3.57

2 Professional Clay Sculpting Tools

Retail value: $5.98

1 Round Rubber Stamp

Retail value: $1.99

1 Silicone Leaf Mold

Retail value: $5.99

1 Key Chain Kit

Retail value: $0.50

1 Awesome Sticker:
Be Creative

August's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Calligraphy

What's Inside??? - A $31.50 value!

1 Kuretake Zig Journal & Title
Retail value: $3.86

1 Kuretake Zig Calligraphy Blending Collection

Retail value: $8.84

1 Kuretake Zig Brush Writer

Retail value: $7.50

1 Kuretake A to Zig Calligraphy Italic How-to Book

Retail value: $3.98

1 Kuretake Zig Scroll & Brush

Retail value: $3.86


1 Kuretake ZiCalligraphy Blender

Retail value: $3.46

1 Awesome Sticker:
I Dream in Color

Theme: Spirograph

What's Inside??? - A $29.19 value!

1 Kuretake Bimoji Fude Pen
Retail value: $3.97

1 Kuretake Zig Wink of Luna

Retail value: $8.88

1 Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Pen

Retail value: $1.49

2 Mapped Graph'Peps Pens

Retail value: $1.49/each

1 Spirograph

Retail value: $5.99

2 Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art Tiles

Retail value: $0.44/each

2 Kirarina 2win Double-Sided Oil-Based Markers

Retail value: $0.44/each

1 Awesome Sticker:
Creative at Heart

Theme: Journaling

What's Inside??? - A $29.71 value!

1 Blank Sketch Journal
Retail value: $5.99

3 Washi Crafting Tape

Retail value: $1.67/each

1 Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen

Retail value: $4.48

2 Martha Stewart Glitter Glue Pens

Retail value: $1.50/each

1 Derwent Graphik Line Painter

Retail value: $5.29

1 Copic Sepia Fountain Drawing Pen

Retail value: $5.95

1 Awesome Sticker:
You can do it!

February's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Chameleons

What's Inside??? - A $32.34 value!

4 Chameleon Color Tone Pens
Retail value: $5.99/each

Chameleon Color Tones is an innovative alcohol-based marker system that gives you the ability to change the color tone of your pen. The 4 vibrant colors produce over 20 color tones giving you the ability to create stunning effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, all with one pen! Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection. The Chameleon Color Tone system allows you to do more with less! The pens have refillable inks and replaceable nips. They are permanent on most surfaces, and are compatible with all other Alcohol-Based Inks. Coloring with shadows and shading is what gives your artwork lifelike depth and dimension. Chameleon Color Cards are designed to take the guesswork out of light placement and make highlights, shadows and shading easier to do. The color chart provided is for a suggestion only to show you how you can color the card.

2 Embosed Color Cards
Retail value: $0.50/each

Coloring with shadows and shading is what gives your artwork lifelike depth and dimension. Chameleon Color Cards are designed to take the guesswork out of light placement and make highlights, shadows and shading easier to do. Not only are they fun to color, you also get hands on learning! Think of it like coloring with training wheels. The Shading and coloring guides help you get better at understanding how the light plays on different objects and with practice it will get easier to do it with images you create on your own! Use as a post card, mount on a greeting card, add to mixed media journals. Great for framing, each Card becomes a mini masterpiece! Full size Shading & Color Guides show you exactly where to put Highlights, Mid tones, shadows and cast shadows for realistic looking art! Shading & Color Guides are reversible- each image shown in grey scale on the other side so you can use your own color selections. Works with Any Alcohol pen but we give you color key to work with Chameleon pens.

1 Artline Drawing Pen

Retail value: $1.89

Artline Drawing Pens issue a super-thin line that is perfect for technical applications such as drafting, illustrating, and graphic design. The friction-proof nib offers a consistent writing width. The metal-reinforced collar nib stands up to ruler and template work without causing any nib damage. Artline's black ink is opaque, water-resistant, and fadeproof.

1 You Tangle Tile

Retail value: $0.50

A Hahnemühle Tile is provided for you to try out your very own Zen Tangle! Draw your way to peace and serenity with tiles! This square paper tile with rounded edges is the perfect size and surface for smooth, precise lines with pencils and fineliners, plus colored pencils, gel pens, brush pens, and ink markers. The small size is less overwhelming, so even beginning tangle artists can finish a small work of art in a shorter period of time and feel they've accomplished something!

1 Colorless Blender

Retail value: $4.99

A double-ended pen with a Bullet and Brush nib containing the same colorless Toning Medium used in the Mixing Chamber of Chameleon Color Tones. Use to overlay, lighten or continue blending already applied color.  Use as a liquid eraser to push color back inside the lines and help eliminate mistakes. Use over any color to add texture and patterns.

1 Awesome Sticker:
Color Me Happy!

December's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Copic Markers

What's Inside??? - A $34.99 value!

2 Copic Caio Double Ended Markers
Retail value: $5.49/each

Copic Ciao Double Ended Markers are the perfect choice for beginning artists who want to try markers for the first time. The Ciao's solid polypropylene barrel is round, smooth, and smaller than the Copic Sketch Marker's barrel, making it ideal for younger artists. The cap features an inner seal as well as choke-proofventing. Ciao Markers feature two durable polyester nibs — Super Brush on one end and Medium Broad on the other end. The markers are low-odor, blendable, and great for use on paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastics, faux fur, and more. 

1 Copic Color Swatch Book
Retail value: $6.99/each

This handy swatch book helps you easily keep track of the 346 Copic colors you own — and the ones you still need! The Copic Color Swatch Book is perfect for helping you choose a color palette, too. Sized to fit in a pocket or handbag (7" × 3½" or 18 cm × 9 cm), this guide is easy to keep by your side.

1 Copic Multiliner pen

Retail value: $3.95

Copic's Multiliner SP pens now come in a range of vibrant colors. These pens feature a durable aluminum body. The ink is archival, waterproof, and pigment based, providing a consistent ink flow that makes drawing and lining easy and crisp. These Multiliner SP color pens are available in either a 0.3 mm tip or a unique brush tip that creates distinctive line variations. Try them with different papers for a different line quality and feel. These pens are refillable and have replaceable nibs.

1 Copic ArtYou Spica Glitter Pen

Retail value: $2.99

From the makers of the popular Copic Markers and Pens, Spica Glitter Pens contain micro-glass flakes for maximum sparkle! Named for the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky, Spica Glitter Pens are available in 24 brilliant colors.

Copic Spica Glitter Pens contain waterbased, transparent pigment ink that'sacid-free, archival, and non-toxic. What's more, they offer twice the writing length of comparable glitter pens — a total of 360 yards. Features of Copic Spica Glitter Pens include a no-clog tip, very smooth writing, and excellent sparkle distribution. Their transparent qualities allow them to be used over other inks. They're ideal for card-making, scrapbooking, craft projects, and more.

2 Zig Clean Color Double Ended Markers

Retail value: $4.79/ each

Filled with a waterbased dye that is odorless and xylene-free, these pens are easy to blend. Both portable and versatile, they're great for plein air work as well as manga and cartooning.

2 Mandala Art Cards


1 Awesome Sticker:
Give the Gift of Creativity!

November's SUPER AWESOME Art Box
Theme: Pan Pastel

What's Inside??? - A $28.50 Value!

3 PanPastel Artists' Painting Pastels
Retail value: $6.99/each

Here are genuine artists’ quality pastels — the softest in the world — uniquely packaged in stacking and interlocking jars. PanPastels were specially developed so that artists could lift, apply, and control pastel color, just like true painting. The pan format holds color like paint for easy application. Loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments, PanPastel colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in a rich, ultra soft, low-dust formulation. These professional quality colors are highly pigmented and have excellent lightfastness. They are erasable and fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces, and conventional fixatives. They can be mixed, blended, layered, and applied like paint for an infinite palette of colors. With PanPastel, it is possible to create more painterly effects. The artist can apply controlled marks, from intense to delicate — ultra thin “glazing” layers and veils of color. It is possible to block in large areas of color in seconds, for backgrounds, underpainting, and tinting paper. PanPastels clean up easily.

Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen

Retail value: $3.60

Pigmented India Ink in multiple nib sizes and various colors brings great versatility to pen-and-ink drawings requiring lots of intricate details. Pitt Artist Pens are great for sketching, journaling, cartooning, and drawing. The Superfine, Fine, Medium, and Brush nibs not only replace ink bottles — they'reinstantly available for work. The ink is waterproof, unsurpassably lightfast, acid-free, and pH-neutral. The nib size is prominently displayed on the end of the cap.

PanPastel Sofft Tools

Retail value: $3.65

1 Sticker:
Live in the Moment!

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